Yo, listen up, I got some legal knowledge to drop
From New York to Canada, we’re gonna make it all hop

First up, let’s talk about the age of consent
Understand New York State Law and what it represents(New York State Law Age of Consent) is something you need to prevent

Now, does Canada have extradition laws in place?
Yeah, best believe they do, so don’t try to escape(Understanding Canada’s Extradition Laws) will put you in your place

Algeria’s got some weird laws you need to know
From driving to dress, they can be quite a show(Weird Laws in Algeria) will make your head blow

How to address a court of appeal judge, you say?
Proper etiquette and protocol, don’t let it go astray(How to Address Court of Appeal Judge) and you’ll be on your way

When signing a contract, look out for that clause
A (Signing Bonus Contract Clause) can give you pause

Canadian laws to know, you can’t miss out
From criminal to family, immigration to tout(Essential Canadian Laws to Know) will remove all doubt

Hey, if you’re an admin in NYC
Check out the (Legal Administrative Assistant Salary) and you’ll feel fancy-free

But wait, what’s a legal pad used for anyway?
For (Legal Writing Essentials), it’s a must-have every day

Need to contact Lewisham council tax and clear your name?
Here’s a (Guide for Citizens) to help you in the game

And for the working moms out there, listen to this verse
Know your (Rights and Protections) when you’re pumping at work, it’s no curse