Yo yo yo, listen up, I’ve got some legal knowledge to drop

First off, let me tell you about Cook County Dog Bite Laws, don’t let your pup go on a biting spree

And if you’re wondering about an addendum to a contract, it’s an addition, not subtraction, so listen with some traction

What if you’re a resident without an agreement? Don’t worry, you’ve still got some rights

Next up, let’s talk about paying income tax, it’s the law, don’t try to relax

Are you a Facebook commerce product seller? There’s an agreement for you, so don’t be a dweller

At Gordo’s Pizzeria, they know how to legalize marinara, so don’t be a para

Legal separation vs divorce in Ohio, it’s important to know the difference, so don’t let it go amissence

Do you know about the Northern Generator Company? They’ve got a legal guide to power generation, it’s not just a game of chance

Operating a single member LLC in California? There’s a legal agreement you need to understand, so don’t go on a blenda

And finally, be aware of tint laws, know what’s legal and what’s not, so you don’t go on a legal faux pas